Video credit to: danielle Mackenzie Long + all F-O-R-M Artists

Festival of Recorded Movement
(2023 Festival Year)

Festival Of Recorded Movement (F-O-R-M) is an international movement-on-screen festival that centers the voices of youth and emerging artists. Founded in 2015 in Vancouver BC, F-O-R-M was created as a platform for movers and filmmakers to share and create short films that revolve around the body in motion.

Festival of Recorded Movement  Festival of Recorded Movement
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Timeline: April 2023 - November 2023

Role: Brand Designer  (Individual project)

Tools: Adobe Illustrator / After Effects / Indesign / Procreate
Project Story

On behalf of the 8th festival year of F-O-R-M, the team and I decided to rebrand in order to deliver our focus on youth and emerging artists visually through branding. The ethos of the new brand visual was bold and inclusive, as decided through numerous meetings with the internal team and the artists themselves, conveying the team's best wishes and support to the artists.

As an immigrant in these unceded territories, I strongly recognized and felt a sense of belonging to this inclusiveness. During my design practice, digital collage with motion graphics is most commonly used, and the team supported me in continuing with my iconic style. Collage, to me, serves as a metaphor for inclusiveness as it can combine various graphics with diverse colors, media, textures, and more. Reflecting on this, collage became the medium through which I hoped to amplify the voices of minority groups.

I crafted a brand story by collaging together the previous F-O-R-M artists’ works and rendering the collage in motion. Through this, we reunited all the artists and celebrated with them in our new festival year. The brand colors comprised variations of red, green, and blue, also known as the primary colors, which can be mixed to create a spectrum of colors. With inclusiveness permeating through all visual aspects, the new F-O-R-M branding has arrived.
Logo Animation

Design Goals Purpose

Refreshing the F-O-R-M brand at the 8th year of the festival.
Target Group

Shifting the target audience and mentee from the general emerging artists to young artists and filmmakers.
Key words

Hybrid festival: Digital + In-person
Empowering, Dancing, Moving, Celebrating
Inclusive, Dynamic, Supportive.

2016 - 2022 Logo v.s. New Logo
Logo Rebrand

The logo was designed to be bold and solid, with a more modern and artistic style compared to the previous version. It aims to showcase a relatively minimalist yet still dynamic aesthetic, contrasting and amplifying the motion and richness in the main visual.

The rectangular logo clear space ensures that the new F-O-R-M logo remains legible and stands out prominently in the logo farm.

Visual Rebrand

The main visual follows the previous year's format of selecting past F-O-R-M Artists' work and redesigning it. 

The innovation for the 2023 festival year is the introduction of collage into the main visual, allowing for the selection of multiple artists and conveying a theme of inclusivity and support.

Rebranding Result Overall Rebrand

Compared with the 2022 Festival year, the new branding uses a light background with multiple secondary colors. This refreshes the audience with a different aesthetic while still maintaining the core spirit of F-O-R-M's brand.

Branding Overview
Logo Light
Logo Dark
Logo and Logo Clear Space

Brand Typeface
Brand Colours
Festival Poster
Logo and Typeface Usage Examples
Mark Makings
Festival Program Guide
Social Media Graphics
Festival Slide and Laurels
Award Stamps


This campaign delivered good results, and we witnessed a doubling of the audience numbers for these events compared to last year. However, I believe there's room for improvement, particularly in focusing more on accessibility in the future. I designed a screening list with a QR code for our audiences to view the program guide on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, due to poor signal reception in the screening hall, most audience members missed the opportunity to access the list. Moving forward, I'll consider using different mediums when designing for the general public.
Special thank to Flory Huang who gave me lots of support and professional advice during the project, as well as the talented and passionate F-O-R-M Team and Artists. This project wouldn’t exist without your support!

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