StoryTrip is a mobile app made in collaboration with Paris Tourist Office, aiming to motivate users to travel to Paris after the pandemic. The goal is achieved by enhancing the trip planning process and creating a storytelling trip experience through augmented reality (AR). This combines the user's favourite movies or novels with real-world Paris scenes.   Timeline: September 2021 - December 2021

Role: UX / Visual Designer (Solo project)

Tools: Figma / Adobe Illustrator

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Problem Area Tourism is rebounding in the post-COVID era, coinciding with the emergence of new technologies. Despite a surge in demand for travel and experiential consumption, the industry grapples with outdated and limited travel experiences. How can we leverage emerging technology to enrich trip planning and redefine travel experiences through immersive storytelling? Post-COVID Era

The governments are deciding to ease border restrictions. More technologies, such as AI and Extended Reality, are continually emerging.
High Demand and Low Supply

People long to have travel and consumption experiences after the long time quarantine at home.

Finding a tourist agency was difficult as tourism was profoundly affected. Traveling experience was unsatisfying and outdated without an immersive experience.
Design Goals Purpose

A travelling app that delivers an immersive experience for sightseeing travellers who hope to start a trip in the post-COVID era.
Target Group

Young travellers who aged around 20-40. History and movie fans.

Using the AR tool to reconstruct popular virtual attractions from the user’s favorite novels and movies at the actual places where the stories are set in real life.
Design Solutions
Information Architecture

Key user problem 1
"I want to visit many attractions, but I don’t know how to plan a reasonable schedule."
"I want to keep the excitement of waiting for traveling longer."

Design Solution 1

As a user, I will receive featured trip plans on my home page that intrigue me to explore. I can start planning a trip by adding my favorite books and movies, and the related tourist attractions will appear. Based on my preferences, I can arrange the attractions on the calendar by date. After planning the dates, a countdown will appear, bringing me excitement.

Key user problem 2
"I’m worried that I will miss out on any attractions listed in my schedule."
"I want to learn the history of the attractions in an immersive way."

Design Solution 2

I can view the pre-planned trip on the screen on the day of the trip, allowing me to access information and navigate to the designated places. A notification with a welcome page will pop up when I arrive at the attraction.

Design Solution 2

After viewing the detailed game map with a start button, I can begin my AR experience. Upon completing an AR game, I can earn coupons for local stores and game points.

Key user problem 3"I want to share my travel schedule and experiences with my friends so they can use them as a reference when they visit the same place in the future."
Design Solution 3

After viewing the detailed game map with a start button, I can begin my AR experience.
Upon completing an AR game, I can earn coupons for local stores and game points, which can be traded for souvenirs.

Key user problem 4
"I want to assess the accessibility of various locations in the city to choose the most convenient place to visit."

"I don’t have a specific destination in mind; I just want to browse the map and randomly choose a place to visit."

Design Solution 4

The detailed filters, powered by the Paris Tourist Office, provide an accessible traveling experience for me. I can find hotels, restaurants, theaters, and more near my location, along with their accessibility information. Additionally, I can start a quick StoryTrip Game directly from the map.

As a user who doesn't want to plan a trip but still wants to visit Paris, I can search for tourist attractions in Paris directly from the map.

Visual Design


The design for icons and systems went well, and my users are happy about the outcomes. The users feel highly likely to return to the product and use it more in the future. I should improve on the business perspective of the projects. 

In the future, I would like to consider how to do membership and different business models for this product.  

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